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About Us

Founded in 2018, Liberty Portable X-Ray & Diagnostic Solutions LLC (LPX), is a leading provider of mobile diagnostic services in the Eastern United States.  Liberty began providing portable imaging services in Pennsylvania with one simple idea in mind – bring unmatched quality diagnostic services directly to the bedside, at a time, and place that is convenient and comfortable for the patient.


We provide professional quality service with state-of-the-art equipment in a timely, and cost-effective manner.  Our team of highly skilled board-certified technologists respond promptly and intelligently to our patients and ordering physicians.  The staff at LPX works in a compassionate and ethical manner in effort to continuously expand our presence in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, and private homes across the east coast.

We are committed to personal service, where you can have the comfort of speaking to a familiar voice each time you place an order.  We are a reliable, professional, and proactive company that will always be there to provide five-star service, including offering customized services that meet our clients’ unique needs.


Call us today to find out why healthcare providers on the East Coast are choosing LPX to be their sole provider of mobile imaging and cardiology services.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality, safe, and compassionate bedside portable diagnostic services to the Eastern United States.

Our Vision

To be the leaders of excellence in the delivery of portable diagnostic services on the East Coast.

Our Core Values

  • Compassion

  • Dignity

  • Excellence

  • Appreciation

  • Innovation

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